31. 07. – 26. 08. 2015
Eröffnung / Opening 30. 07. 2015

13. 09. – 08. 11. 2015
Opening: 12. 09. 2015, 15 h

Spinnereistr. 7
04179 Leipzig

with: Ricardo Basbaum (BR), Paolo Bottarelli (IT), Rod Dickinson (GB), Ivana Franke (HR), Darsha Hewitt (CA), Satch Hoyt (GB/JM), Kapwani Kiwanga (CA/FR), Daniel Pinheiro (PT), Fabian Reimann (DE), Alberto Tadiello (IT), Suzanne Treister (GB)

In the communication society, every social impulse is infused with assessment of oneself and others. In the comparison of „is“ and „should be“, a mutual control emerges that protects the status quo although everything is always negotiable. Deviations are identified, smoothed out and integrated. Is art part of the social apparatus or does it give us a guidance for subversion? Is refusing to communicate the way out?

Curated by Elena Agudio (Association of Neuroesthetics) & Michael Arzt (HALLE 14)